Pre-Marital Counseling

Planning for a Wedding can be fun and can definitely keep us busy. However, few couples take time out of their busy engagement to plan for their marriage.  Although a wedding lasts a day, a marriage can last a lifetime with the right mindset and tools.

A great way to start your marriage strong is through Pre-Marital Counseling. It gives the opportunity to have deep discussions that may not come up during your time of dating, uncover expectations of marriage and each other, as well as develop tools to have healthy communication.

Ethan and Emilie use SYMBIS, Save Your Marriage Before It Starts, with all of their engaged and newly-wed couples. SYMBIS begins with an online assessment of each partner. One page at a time Ethan and Emilie facilitate a conversation around role expectations, family backgrounds, personality types, marriage mindsets, financial fears, and more.

No couple is the same. In fact there will never be another match exactly like yours! That is why SYMBIS uses an assessment so that your pre-marital counseling is specific to you as a couple. SYMBIS helps couples celebrate their strengths and guard against future pot-holes in order to keep their marriage strong.

Our hope is to help every marriage succeed, so we offer several Pre-Marital Packages to best fit the needs of the couple.

The Fiver

  • Five 1-hour Sessions
  • Splitting into five sessions allows the couple to reflect on the material and apply what they learn in between sessions. This package is recommended.

The Big Three

  • Three 1.5 hour Sessions
  • We will combine a few topics together, but still give time in between sessions for reflection and application. This is great for those who are long distance and are only together a few times before the wedding.

The One

  • One day Retreat
  • This will be a jam-packed day with lots of information to cover. This is for those with a very short engagement, or who have decided close to the wedding date that this is something they want to do. Don’t worry, we will still cover all of the material!


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Prices are dependent upon package and location. Ethan and Emilie are able to meet in their home in Lincoln, IL or to travel to the surrounding area (Bloomington, Springfield, Peoria, Decatur), but travel fees may apply.